Only in American politics can you find assembled men and women so willing to speak nonsense to people not paying attention, only to disagree on what they never intended considering objectively in the first place.

On December 10th, Barack Obama showed his sad imitation of Presidential Presence. He called Bill Clinton to cover his tail. Obama choked on the unpalatable: compromise after the Democratic Party’s trouncing from the electorate on which they thought they had a strangle-hold. After giving Clinton the podium at a “Presidential” news conference Obama showed his disdain for the American people, excusing himself to go to a Christmas Party.

Nice, don’t you think? Maybe nice isn’t the word; “typically arrogant” might work better.

Throughout the first two years of the Obama administration, we heard Republicans refused “compromise” on important issues like Iraq, Afghanistan, Health Care, the Deficit, National Debt and a host of other problems. Closed door meetings, bully tactics, recriminations and threats were issued by politically adept trolls (Pelosi and Reid).

The trolls commanded Americans to accept blindly, to stupidly fall into the darkened folds created by their blanket coverage of ideology and party politics. They force-fed a plastic plate banquet with a multi-trillion dollar bill transferable to our kids. You can’t support a process you’re not allowed to be a part of.

Obama’s copyrighted “Hope and Change” was realized when the 112th Congress’s conservative ranks swelled, repudiating the power politics Democrats displayed to its most blatant extent.

Obama’s a Babel-rousing public speaker, mixing Medicine Show zeal with Evangelical Old Time Religious polemics to make the sales-pitch resound with false sincerity. But, he’s no semanticist, a student of language and words. He confuses compromise with capitulation: the act of surrender. It’s easy, thinking because you’ve won the prize you can command your opposition to do nothing but your bidding. But, it’s also wrong to think that way. Every slave master thought because he controlled the whip he could drive things in his direction only.

It’s never smart to rub the nose of the vanquished into the barnyard mess; it creates lingering animosity added to the natural drive to stand on your own two feet once more. What happens after the rise may surprise. The formerly downtrodden could have a foothold on their ascension toward the position you only think you control. “Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” (1 Proverbs 16:18 KJV).

Pulling Clinton from the back pocket of his party’s political history is emblematic of Obama’s conduction of business as usual. Obama doesn’t want to change his position on anything. Where some people see his action as “re-grouping”, some recognize Murphy’s Laws of Combat: “to regroup means to reload”.

The mid-term elections showed Congress’ need to meet in exactly that condition: in congress (a formal meeting of representatives working together to govern) as opposed to cattle to be herded in one partisan direction or another.

Obama could have moved the “teeter-totter” to a better, more representative point on the fulcrum of political balance. He could have worked in a manner indicative of the will of the people. Instead he pulled Clinton, a partisan resident of his own burgeoning irrelevancy, to counter-balance his (Obama’s) slackened control of Congress. What Obama lacks in the realm of smoothness, Clinton balances with viscosity. Where Obama postured visibly, Clinton slickly worked over 130 campaign dates far away from Washington during the campaigns; schmoozing the press and public into believing he’s attained humility where his pride once led to his censure.

Obama and Clinton: two guys wanting to be the school yard Machiavelli. They want partisan control of the territory, not the assured participation and free play of all the people in the area.

But, for those thinking this is an attempt to sway your thinking toward the Republican Party – forget it. They’re really no better than the Democrats. It’s the same crap falling. It’s just put out by a different animal.

It’s our playground. We need to make sure they play nicely.

Thanks for listening.



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