CNN Endorses Socialism

CNN aired a piece today detailing the illegal practices of an organization call “Take Back the Land Rochester.”  Apparently, this organization is a branch of a larger movement dedicated to helping “families squat in homes vacated because of bank foreclosures.”  USA Today covered a similar arm of this institution operating in Miami.  Far from expressing outrage at the illegality of the program, CNN actually invited the founder of Take Back the Land Rochester to speak on national TV who said proudly:

Our primary concern is not what is legal and illegal, but what’s moral and immoral.  We think it’s immoral for people to be out on the street when there’s thousands of houses that are still in good condition that could be used for people.

Here is the story as aired by CNN:

Notice that the identities of these felons are concealed.  In fact, CNN goes as far as to admit that the actions are illegal, stating in a subtitle that: “the couple has requested that we conceal their identities because they are committing an illegal activity: trespassing.”  Ironically enough, the man in charge of Take Back the Land Rochester did not ask for his identity to be concealed, and as such, he should be arrested immediately. Not only has he committed a violation of the laws of the United States, but he has also made the claim that he is not concerned with what is legal and illegal.  

Since when has it become appropriate to blatantly break the laws of the United States?  Desperation does not constitute illegal activity.  There are millions of people struggling to make ends meet without homes and jobs, but only this minuscule minority is committing property rights violations.  Whats more, this extreme outlier of the population has been given a free pass by a major national broadcast media outlet.

All of this talk that “housing is a human right” is flat-out rebellion, and it should be stomped out immediately.  We live in a country with more freedom than any other state in the world, and yet, there are some who are ungrateful for the opportunities that our nation provides.  There have been only sparing instances of economic hardship in our nation’s history.  Yet, the moment economic recession hits, we have radical organizations coming out of the woodwork to demand the adoption of socialism. 

We have seen socialist communes such as this one spawn with a concerning degree of regularity over the past several years.  As an example, the national movement, Occupy Everything , set up shop in California under the guise of protesting higher education budget cuts.  We have seen this very organization filter into our own society as Occupy Louisiana, attempting to co-opt the efforts of well intentioned students trying to rectify our education system.  Furthermore, the notorious Iron Rail Gang made its mark in a violent fashion at last year’s Southern Republican Leadership Conference by carrying out the brutal beating of Allee Bautsch and Joe Brown.

These socialist influences have weaseled their way into the fabric of our nation, and now they have emerged as a  favorably framed story on a national media outlet.  This situation may seem inconsequential in and of itself, but when taken in the context of the bigger picture, it produces a worrisome snap shot of societal sedition.  While a single media expose’ on the illegal activity of socialists may not seem to be much to worry about, it sets the precedent for future stories to cover the same material favorably.  If these people want a socialist society they can go to Europe, but we need to make it known that we want nothing to do with it in America.



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