Thoughts On Sticking It To The Dirty Birds

For whatever reason, here’s the theme song for our post-game Saints review. Why? Hell, I dunno. It’s a happy song. What difference does it make?

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Basically, the key takeaway here is that Breesus put on a clinic on how to overcome adversity tonight. Throws two picks in the fourth quarter, gives up a lead on the road to the team with the best record in the NFC…you’d think that was it. Only he gets the ball back and proceeds to drive the team 90 yards for the finish. Then he keeps it when the game is on the line late and completes a couple passes they had to have.

Even throwing 21 interceptions this year, which probably offends that guy down to his core, if you’d rather have another QB you’re nuts. Breesus is so damn good you can learn life lessons from him. Anybody who can compete at that level, with that much ferocity, will ultimately be successful regardless of what they’re trying to do.

By the way, how does Sean Payton walk? Guy’s jock strap must have suspenders attached to it.

And that defense is awesome. That was the best defensive performance in the NFL this year. Absolutely terrific. Can’t say enough.

By the way, somebody ask Ed Hoculi how happy he is about the result of tonight’s game. My guess? He’s breathing a sigh of relief. That was some one-sided Sheeeeee-it tonight, as we nutria say down Barataria way. At one point the Saints had eight penalties, Atlanta just one. If it got better than that I’d be surprised. Atlanta wins that game and it’s probably on Hoculi. Supposedly he and his crew are the best the NFL has to offer; well, we ain’t seen it tonight. Reggie Bush gets tackled by his head, Will Smith is held so much tonight you’d think he was Paris Hilton and the only penalties they call are on the visiting team.

Garrett Hartley hits one lousy 32-yard field goal at the beginning of the season and the Saints just clinched the #1 seed in the playoffs with half the team hurt all year. Man, it’s nice to have a bad-ass team to root for.



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