WikiLeaks: Enforcing Accountability

Everything is gray.

One part of me wants to skin the Wiki Leaks publisher for cyber-publishing stolen privileged information. It was taken to embarrass the people enacting the play we’re enduring now. The other part wants to congratulate him for his expose’ of the liars initiating the offensive actions. These people claimed allegiances to honesty, integrity and transparency while steadily moving the mirrors behind the smoke they’re regularly blowing upward under our kilts. All politicians do it.

All communication relies on the expression of ideas in words. Words assure accurate historical recordation for future generations. The strengths and weaknesses of the historical data rest on the accuracy of the record. That same accuracy can vilify or beatify the players. There it becomes a matter of subjective interpretation and political axe-grinding. Nothing more; nothing less.

As the play is acted out, the problem is elevated to the level of high drama. But this script is weak, hackneyed and trite. Little people doing little, busy-work, directing the mundane mechanics of their professional drudgery are the ones caught in this idiocy. Some of this latest dumpster full of information is of a maturity only going back to late February. Its “freshness” seems to display no more dangerous information gathering than asking low-level embassy workers to collect business cards and gather personal intelligence on foreign government workers.

So far there are no smoking guns. It’s more a supply of embarrassing little firecrackers searing the back pockets of people in high places caught inflating their importance from a selfish standpoint. After 9/11, everybody complained because one government intelligence operation (GIO) had information it failed to transmit to others. (I know a GIO is oxymoronic but what can I say?) Then everybody opened the floodgates, sharing intelligence without vetting the people handling this Confidential/Secret/Top Secret info.

This allowed a little dude upset about “don’t ask-don’t tell” to allegedly transmit the info to Julian Assange. The rest is history.
The government should be brought to task for failing its duty to control these people. No, I’m not talking about possibly gay people but immature, unprincipled and petulant children masquerading as adults by virtue of their simple ascension to electoral majority (18 years of age). Just because a kid knows how to field-strip an M-4 doesn’t mean he has the maturity to wield it properly and safely in society.

The charges of Espionage and Treason should be leveled against the government employed individual who gave Assange the information. He violated his oath to defend the Constitution and the United States from foreign and domestic enemies. Assange is the “tool” (the nitwit if you will) seeking massive international attention and acclaim for the faux-altruistic goal of spreading truth, justice and all American secrets.

But it’s American prestige that’s been crushed. Our enemies and allies now witness our duplicity. This damage is in the words our minions spoke and transcribed under the cloak of anonymity. It’s their failure to protect their assets and their ascents to inspection by putting certain communications on the flippin’ Internet.

Assange is a jerk. Our people are incompetent and stupid. Which is worse?

These dumb basses never heard of “CODE”? They never heard of “EYES ONLY” correspondence? They can’t grasp the idea any third grader is aware of: if it’s on the Internet, if it’s in a computer – it’s fair game? And, it’s available for everlasting periods of time? What numb butts are we entrusting our most secret information to?

Wiki Leaks is more a boil on a body crease than a real problem unto itself. You can lance a boil. The real problem is the moronic manner self-inflated Dipschlitzs direct the security of our nation’s most important bargaining tool: privileged information.

The kid gave the stuff to Assange should be tried, and if found guilty, hanged. Period. Assange will get his soon enough.
But after the rope’s relaxed and left to stand in the cooling light of day for all to see; nobody will be able to say there’s NO penalty for treason and there is a penalty for failing to do your duty to the best of your ability.

Thanks for listening.



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