Another Take On Sheriff Dupnik And His Gum-Flappin’

Allahpundit at Hot Air nails this one.

Rant. Of. The. Year.

“As annoyed as you are at this tool for being a ludicrous political hack and a disgrace to his office, please do understand that he’s inadvertently a huge asset to conservatives. Just watch him answer Diane Sawyer’s question about whether it’s appropriate for an investigator to tie his pet theories about talk radio to this case without any evidence. Answer: ‘Well, that’s my opinion. People can have their own opinions.’ We’re talking about a horrific murder spree here, an international news event, with political tensions between left and right terribly inflamed because of it, and the lead fact-finder on the case is yakking to broadcast news about Rush Limbaugh because ‘that’s my opinion.’ Naturally that’ll make him an instant hero to the left, but I can’t believe there’s a cop anywhere who won’t watch this and cringe all the way through. I’m also trying to imagine the reaction in the county D.A.’s office as this imbecile does his level best to prejudice the trial they’re eventually going to have to conduct. But then, what does a conviction of a mass murderer matter when Diane Sawyer’s sticking a mic in your face?”



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