Cassidy Lands Spot On Three Energy & Commerce Subcommittees

From a release out of the office of U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-Baton Rouge)…

WASHINGTON, DC – Louisiana Congressman Bill Cassidy has been appointed to serve on three subcommittees of the Energy & Commerce Committee: Health, Environment & Economy, and Commerce, Manufacturing, & Trade.

“The wide range of issues covered by these subcommittees gives Louisiana a seat at the table on the nation’s most pressing priorities,” said Cassidy. “My goal is to turn the wisdom of the people of Louisiana into policies that lead to more jobs, more freedom, and more opportunity.”

Cassidy, a physician who still teaches medical students and sees patients at Earl K. Long Hospital when the House isn’t in session, said he will use his seat on the Health Subcommittee to advance patient-centered alternatives to the recently enacted health care law.

“The key to lowering health care costs is giving patients more control over health care decision-making. By definition, a law that creates over 150 boards, bureaucracies, and commissions does not empower patients. I’m excited to see a repeal bill move through the House next week, and look forward to enacting real health reform that lowers costs in its place.”

With one out of every seven Louisiana jobs tied to the energy sector, Cassidy said he looks to use his post on the Environment & Economy Subcommittee to defend the economy against bureaucratic overreach and promote domestic energy production.

“Economic activity and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive goals, but the EPA acts as though they are. It is not impossible to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and have a job at the same time. Keeping the EPA in check and rolling back regulatory obstacles to job creation are critical to strengthening Louisiana’s economy.”

“It is evident that natural gas is the fuel of the future. It’s cheap, it’s clean, and the United States has an abundant supply of it. The outcome of the fracking debate has significant implications for Louisiana’s future. Tens of thousands of jobs and America’s energy security hang in the balance.”

On the Commerce, Manufacturing, & Trade Subcommittee, which has jurisdiction over interstate and foreign commerce, commercial practices, and consumer affairs, Cassidy said he’ll advocate for robust trading opportunities for Louisiana farmers and businesses.

“Three of the biggest ports in North America are in Louisiana. They are critical avenues of commerce for farmers and businesses exporting abroad and for delivering goods to consumers across the country.”



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