Friday Sendoff – Gettin’ Grown

This guy’s name is Cee Lo Green, which is an alias. He has a good many of them; you might know him as Gnarls Barkley.

Last summer he put out an album (“Lady Killer”) under his main alias. There was a big hit song on it called “F(orget) You.” Lots of folks already heard that. He’s also got another video he put out off that album called “It’s OK” – that one was released last month. Both songs are damn good (see below the fold for videos on both).

But this one’s old-school Cee Lo. It’s mellow, the video’s amusing, and it’s perfect for a laid-back Friday evening in January…

Now for the new stuff. This is the really new one – “It’s OK”…

And this is the radio edit version of “F(orget)You”…

(If the original title of the song or the salty lyrics therein don’t bug you, click here for the original video. It’s hilarious.)

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