Harry Reid: “The Tea Party Will Disappear”

Of all the ignorant, senile comments made by our Senate majority leader, this one offered during NBC’s “Meet the Press” is perhaps the best example of his disconnect from the American people:

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Here’s my attempt at a metaphor:

Saying that the Tea Party was borne from the economic recession is kind of like saying that during flu season one should get a vaccine to prevent a fever.  Well, no, not exactly.  One takes a vaccine to prevent the flu, not to stop the symptoms.  However, a single cure isn’t enough, and one has to apply the flu shot every year or risk catching the virus.

The Tea Party did not arise because of the economy.  The Tea Party came about because of Obama’s policies.  The economy is merely a symptom of Obama’s regulatory regime, but there are certainly other symptoms as well: restrictions on energy production, health care monopolization, emissions, etc.  The Tea Party is the vaccine for the policies of the Left, and next year when Mr. Obama runs his reelection campaign, they’ll be there to stop it.  In 2014, we’ll need them again, and they’ll be there just the same.  Sure, you have to change up the vaccine a little bit to counter an adapting virus, but that just makes the cure stronger.  It certainly does not disappear.

The idea that the Tea Party is here to stay is enough to send any Leftie over the edge.  So, obviously they have to deny that fact.  Furthermore, the presence of everyday Americans so diametrically opposed to a left-wing agenda is a concept that strikes fear in the hearts of the Left.  So, what do they do about it?  Well, the most productive decision might be to move to the center and acknowledge the desire of the vast majority of America, but instead, they have taken (again) to pegging ordinary Americans as fanatical extremists.

For the sake of argument–because there is no argument here, we have to make one up– let’s say that the organizational, grassroots institution of the Tea Party disappears the instant we get back to 5% unemployment.  That idea– as deluded as it may be– completely ignores the fact that the Tea Party is more than simply a loose collection of conservative activists.  At its core, the Tea Party is a philosophy, an idea, and a way of thinking about government, and it is impossible to destroy an idea once it has taken root in the hearts and minds of people.

We have a vast new generation of Tea Party stalwarts serving in state legislatures all across the country.  They serve because America has asked them to support a certain mindset about the way our government should be run: limited, supporting free-markets, and focusing on individual liberties.  They aren’t going anywhere, and neither are the American people.  The Tea Party is here to stay.



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