Remember This?

Sure seems like it’s still spot on given all the hypocritical nonsense being spewed by our self-appointed elites.

Take it away, Mr. Klavan.

Fundamentally, this week’s lefty narrative is that because some defective loser more closely identified with their ideology than mine, who menaced public figures in Tucson for some period of time with death threats from which no consequences from authorities followed (perhaps as a result of his having come from a family of unionized public employees, a community from which the local sheriff drew great electoral support) – because this individual ultimately exploded in senseless violence, it’s important that my freedom of speech be limited.

In other words, as the estimable Mr. Klavan might say, “Shut up.”

It is our freedom of speech which prevents widespread violence. We have outlets to express ourselves which don’t exist in China, or Muslim countries, or even Europe. And as a result political violence in America is exceedingly rare.

The Left doesn’t care about that. What they care about, as Andy McCarthy correctly notes, is winning. And since they’re now getting routed in the court of public opinion again, it’s important to change the rules.



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