State Of The Union Bingo

If you’re planning on watching President Obama address the prom give the State of the Union address tonight, be prepared for boredom. SOTU addresses are almost always a combination of self-congratulatory platitudes and a laundry list of recycled ideas – if the president’s from your party you’ll like those, and if he’s not you’ll need antacid.

One way to make the address tolerable, if you plan on watching it, is to play a game. Alcohol has properties in this regard.

But bingo is another option. And thanks to the folks at iOwnTheWorld, there’s a template to work with for bingo cards…

The IOTW guys aren’t the only ones with the bingo idea. At Americans for Tax Reform, they’ve got a whole 10-card bingo-game-in-a-box ready for download. And they’re gonna give out prizes, too!

Another option is not to watch the speech at all.

I’m not sure which one I’m going to choose yet.



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