Cowardice In Congress, Wisconsin

I belong to a group believing the Constitution is more than a series of Burma Shave signs on America’s historical highway. “We the people stomp and shout but when it’s needed the Constitution’s out” – Bummer Shave”. Tacky, I know but we’re living in the interesting times the Chinese Curse spoke about.

We’re up against it on the world financial front. America faces bankruptcy on the fiscal battlegrounds of world commerce and the apparent strength (or weakness) of the Dollar. What’s more depressing is the idea we appear morally insolvent and intellectually deadened by our refusal to do anything but make speeches and proclamations denoting nothing more than their need to appear active.

It’s been noted there are more signs of life in a mortuary than there are in Congress. In a Funeral Home, when the guest of honor is placed in its hallowed arena for final rites, Gloria and acknowledgment, there is respect for the memory of who that person once was. Such is not the case in that morgue of dead ideals and aspirations once populated by men of principle – Congress.

Now pretenders to the throne posture and prance; mince and mingle as they continue doing no more than shouting about the obvious and concealing the fact they’re doing nothing about it. I have people in my group who are the same way. They know the statistics, they understand the gravity of the situation and they’re aware of the closeness of the peril approaching. But still, they have no more strength of character than to scramble for positions in their parties and proclaim their accomplishments will surpass the pasty efforts of their political enemies on the opposite polarity.

For this we pay them homage, respect and almost Two-Hundred Grand a year. Are they worth it? I don’t know but I could do just as poorly for half the amount.

In Wisconsin, the members of the minority party have taken leave of their jobs (and I think of their senses) and fled the bi-cameral legislature in “protest” over the proposals of a fiscally conservative governor.  As of this writing they’re still hiding out in another state to prevent discussion, substantive debate and most importantly they deny their constituents the representation they proclaimed they wanted to provide.

Liars and cowards smell equally bad when the corpse of their ideals is bared to the sun and public awareness for too long a period. The decay of their moral structure and the rotting flesh of their gutless political performance are really beginning to reek.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s on a state or national level the performance of this farce coming to be known as governance is distasteful and without merit at best. Regularly Mr. Obama puts the “negotiation” on an “Us vs. Them” basis. He says he’ll look at any proposition shown him but he never says he’ll really consider them. NO ideologue ever sees, understands or accepts the counsel of oppositional elements. Bipartisanship means capitulation or abject surrender in the language of the Oval Office.

Politics has become a terrible balancing act of those feeling themselves entitled and those seeking to become entitled. Some choose Labor Unions as their standard bearers; others the camaraderie of Tea Parties and Libertarian enclaves. Each position their champions at the forefront of the battle ranks and scream their support without ever seeing there’s a way to gain a solution: that would be cooperation between the warring factions in favor of the people they claim they represent.

But that might be too easy. And it certainly makes sense (which is another detriment to them ever trying it)People need to come together with clear minds and clear vision and speak what they want to these charlatans claiming they’re representatives of the people.

Wisconsin needs to impeach the cowards ran from their duty. Those same people need to be tried for malfeasance in office and dereliction of their chosen duty. Special elections should be called for with the understanding the elected represent ALL of the people, not just those writing checks and strangling benefits packages out of people (taxpayers) for their own greedy, needy gains.



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