It seems that several unions – both the big teachers’ unions (NEA and AFT), SEIU and CWA (Communications Workers of America) – showed up in D.C. today and set up a demonstration outside of FreedomWorks’ office. FreedomWorks is the Tea Party-affiliated think tank and organizational hub headed by economist Matt Kibbe and former congressman Dick Armey – naturally the unions hate those guys with a passion.

But the FreedomWorks folks are veterans at the street theater game, so naturally they broke out the camera phones and engaged the crowd.

Here’s what Tabitha Hale, who stands about 5’1″ and isn’t exactly a fireplug at that height, came up with…

Not exactly subtle, is it?

Remember – after Jared Loughner decided to apply the perspective he gained from reading Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto in high school and shoot up his congresswoman’s meet-the-constituents event, we’re supposed to try to be more civil in our dialogue. That lesson took for, what, three weeks?

This is who we’re supposed to care about? The workin’ man? Who throws women on the ground?




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