Keep Voting Democrat. It’s Working Out Really Well.

Via Ace of Spades, this is a graph which pretty much says it all. It comes from the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

The unemployment figures broken out by ethnicity don’t exactly operate in a direct relationship to incidence of Democrat voting patterns, as Asians tend to vote Democrat more than white people do, but there’s something of a trend here.

At what point do we not have people within the black community stand up and call out the Democrat Party for its piss-poor performance in producing quality outcomes? We’ve had five decades of government-supervised wealth redistribution to the African American-dominated inner cities and rural communities via the Great Society and its successor policies, and performance on unemployment, education, per capita income, incarceration, out-of-wedlock childbirth and all kinds of other indices still continues to lag behind other groups – and in many of those categories it’s only getting worse.

And the trend lines for Hispanics aren’t improving, at the same time that group is being aggressively proselytized by Democrats on an identity-politics basis.

But unless there is a massive sea change, you won’t see a revolt from the black community against the Democrats’ terrible performance. Because the so-called leadership of the black community isn’t invested in that community’s success in reversing graphs like this one; rather, it’s invested in continuing to control the votes of the members of that community and in so doing continuing to siphon off the money the Democrats attempt to redistribute to it.

And that’s why you hear idiocy like “collective salvation” and “racial dynamics” from that community, in which black leaders refer to their constituents/subjects as a monolithic bloc rather than the loose collection of individuals with their own unique hopes, dreams, strengths and weaknesses they truly are. Black people aren’t the Borg, and they’re not lemmings. It’s clear that treating them as such within an early 20th-century bureaucratic construct, with its brutal, dehumanizing stupidity and blatant cynicism, hasn’t brought the racial equality America was promised when the giveaway programs began.

What it has brought instead is power for the ward bosses and holders of ghetto political fiefdoms – power at the expense of those under their thumbs rather than the white plutocrats who supposedly oppressed black people before the Democrats discovered them as a voting bloc. And until regular ordinary folks who happen to be black start challenging those tin-pot local potentates with the same vigor the Egyptians have turned on the political overlords who have presided over a similar putrid economic performance, there is no incentive for that community to reform itself or turn things around.

But if and when such a turnaround were to come, it will only come as a result of individuals choosing to avail themselves of opportunities and taking control over their own lives – a commitment to family, to entrepreneurship, to the formation of capital. Those are things the Democrats have stood against for a half-century or more; it’s little surprise the most loyal voting group the party has should be the one with the worst performance in every major index.



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