She’s Got Killer Boobs, Fa Sho

This isn’t really Man Bites Dog. It’s close, though.

Ever heard of Orit Fox? She’s Israeli. She’s a model. Kinda skanky. Sorta Anna Nicole Smith-meets-the-Terminator. Biggest boobs in the Middle East, supposedly, and more plastic surgeries than anybody. Hardest-working plastic surgeons in show business, the Israelis.

Anyway, as part of her public skankitude, she was doing a publicity bit with a radio station back home in Tel Aviv, and the bit included a deal with a boa constrictor.

I don’t get into snakes, mind you, but some people like that type of thing. Apparently those people are pretty prevalent in the Middle East. And in Monroe, which is kinda the same thing depending on who you talk to.

But it seems the snake wasn’t such a big fan. Not of snakes, mind you, but of Orit Fox. And her breath, I guess.

But this isn’t your typical snake-bites-boob story. There’s a twist.

Miz Fox went to the hospital and was later discharged after getting a tetanus shot. The snake, though, wasn’t so lucky.

It seems the surly serpent got a surplus of silicone into his system, and swiftly succumbed. The snake is no more. Passed away.

The lesson here? First, don’t lick a snake on the head. Evvver.

And second, those boobs are frightening.



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