Stop The Westboro Church Protesters!

The members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, few that they are (maybe a dozen or two) are the most despicable people on earth.  They protest military funerals of our soldiers in the vilest manner possible.

Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the 1st Amendment by ruling in favor of the “church” and in the process making life of the deceased soldier’s families much more difficult.

I have very little doubt that the court found the despicable conduct of these protesters as abhorrent as all decent Americans do.  I also have no doubt that the decision was very much based on the 1st Amendments free speech clause.

However, the question remains of how there can be “hate speech” laws, profanity laws and other versions of the concept that not all speech is allowed in reality.

What do we do now to protect the dignity of a dead soldier’s funeral?  There have been groups, mostly motorcycle clubs, not what I would call biker gangs, who have formed barriers against this group.

I believe that due to this Supreme Court decision, this so called church will now be emboldened.  We can stop them.

I suggest that anyone becoming aware of this “church’s” intention to again carry out their “protests” at a soldier’s funeral, that Americans will stand up to them.  Stand up, not with violence but with their willingness to turn the other cheek.  Let’s show these, I can’t call them people, animals that they are nothing in the world of decent people.

Anyone becoming aware of a planned protest by this group, please notify me at:

I will also post any information available on, a website of common sense.

Let’s stop this group from causing more pain to anyone else.  Let’s show them how decent people behave.

I want to thank and applaud those others who have in the past been instrumental in attempting to stop this group.

The web site has members all over the country and I would appreciate if members all over the nation would volunteer to be monitors of this group and will take a leading hand in helping us to stop them.

Fred Speckmann




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