The Cowboy Junkie Who Runs The Senate

By now, most of y’all have probably already seen Harry Reid griping that cutting the budget for the National Endowment for the Humanities would kill something called the Cowboy Poetry Festival…

Mark Steyn was inspired by Reid’s blabberin’ to write some of his own poetry, as it happens…

An ol’ cowpoke went ridin’ out one dark and windy day
Upon a ridge he rested as he went along his way
When all at once he spied a posse from the GOP
A-hangin’ from that ol’ mesquite his fed’ral subsidy

His pen was still a-fire and he knew how to spell “git”
But an ol’ paint can’t outride a trillion-dollar deficit
If only Harry Reid can head ’em off at that there pass
‘Cuz he hasn’t finished paying off creative-writing class

Yipp-ki-o yippi-ki-ay
Cow Poets On The Dole
Yipp-ki-o yippi-ki-ay
Cow Poets On The Dole…

All goofing aside, isn’t it a bit of an embarrassment that the Senate Majority Leader, when there’s a $1.6 trillion deficit that virtually everyone agrees is going to kill America as we know it, decides to fight a measly $61 billion budget cut as “mean-spirited” because 50 grand for a Cowboy Poetry Festival in Greater East Jesus, Nevada would get whacked?

If the Cowboy Poetry Festival is such a worthy project, why doesn’t Reid make a call or two and get it some corporate sponsorship so it doesn’t require federal subsidies? What, the blackjack dealers’ union ran out of cash? They certainly spent a pile on getting Reid re-elected last fall.

Reid isn’t smart enough to figure this out, but the Cowboy Poetry Festival is a lot more solvent than the federal government. We are running deficits every month that we used to run in an entire year before Reid became the Senate Majority Leader. Given what he seems to think are his priorities, that’s by no means a surprise.

All this reminds me of one hell of a good song with a title that certainly fits Reid to a T…

Exit question: Sharron Angle was nutty and out of touch, so she clearly wasn’t a viable choice for the Senate. How does Angle look now, Nevada?



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