The Rent Is Too Damn High Party 2012

This guy is really a character.  His name is Jimmy McMillan, and he is more commonly known as the leader of the “Rent is Too Damn High Party.”  You might remember him from the 2010 New York gubernatorial campaign.  If you don’t, here’s a clip of the guy tearing it up in a debate last year:

Remember now? Well, this guy is just absolutely classic, and he came on Hannity last night to talk about his plans to enter the 2012 Republican primary.  His new tag line is “the taxes is (are) too damn high.”  A couple things about him:

#1 He has a really cool mustache.

#2 He always wears gloves.  He says its because he’s always cold.  But he kind of makes a strange comment about the fact that Democrats are cold right now– which is true– but it certainly makes it seem like he’s trying to say he’s a Democrat.  In any case, he was pretty worked up at that point, so I’ll let it pass….

Without further ado:



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