This Is Who Obama’s Department Of Justice Treated With Kid Gloves…

…rather than doing its job and prosecuting a clear case of voter intimidation.

The New Black Panther party sent goons to polling places with nightsticks to berate and threaten white voters in a Philadelphia majority-black voting booth. The goons were caught red-handed on video in what veteran civil rights lawyer Bartle Bull – no Republican, he – called the most blatant example of voter intimidation he’d seen in 40 years.

And yet after Bush’s Justice Department had the NBP dead to rights, Obama’s attorney general Eric Holder abandoned the case.

This is what passes for gratitude in response. It appears the New Black Panthers like and appreciate Muammar Qaddafi more than they do the first black president of the United States.

Warning: you’re going to hear the N-word in this clip. More than once.



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