Wanna Know Why Good People Don’t Get Into Politics? (UPDATED)

This is as good an answer as any.

Sure, run for something. Absolutely. Spend every day begging people for money, when every check they write entitles them, they think, to a piece of you. Weigh every word you say in public as though it’s your last, because if it’s the wrong word it probably is once the media or your political enemies get hold of it. Put yourself and your family through a full-blown rectal exam going back to fifth grade, with every loser former acquaintance with a grudge a potential time bomb that could kill off not only your political career but your good standing in the community as well.

Do all that and bear that burden. Do it so that you can get called Hitler for the sin of not wanting the state to collect union dues or having to sit down in negotiations opposite that crowd.

Sure, why not? Certainly that beats running a business and making money honestly, no?

An exit question – is it any surprise our kids come out of classrooms run by the Funky Chicken Mob pictured above dumber than bricks? If I had a private school and I wanted to do an ad for it, I’d use this video in a heartbeat.

UPDATE: Wait. It gets better. Much better.

Think I can’t beat that…whatever that is on the video? Oh, but I can.

Found this at Gateway Pundit. It’s a New York Daily News piece. Apparently the Teamsters are busing in goons from NYC to Madison to keep up the pressure on Gov. Walker. It seems he’s worn the local goons out.

The Wisconsin workers who have staged a week-long protest against their union-busting governor are getting some New York reinforcements.

Teamsters Local 237, which represents various city workers, intends to “bus a couple hundred” members to Madison – possibly this week, deputy director Pete Gutierrez said.

“This governor has awakened a sleeping giant,” Gutierrez said Monday of Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican. “We’re going to bring down as many people as possible. It’s an important issue and legitimate cause.”

Hell, man, I gotta be honest. That giant sure don’t look like he’s awake to me. Nor does it look like he’s gonna awaken anytime soon unless somebody waves a King Don under his nose.

Maybe he’s got a point, though. Obviously we don’t pay union people enough. Otherwise they’d wear socks once in a while so their feet won’t be covered in soot when the photog from the paper shows up.

Or maybe he ate his socks.

Walker’s gotta win this battle. He can’t lose it. For himself and for all of us. For all kinds of reasons.

But mostly because if these sluicebags beat Walker and we all become serfs to the Funky Chicken Mob, America is done. Over. Past tense. Find a nice warm patch of jungle in Costa Rica and start over.



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