West Challenges Obama On Libya

Allen West is already a star. But he gets better every day.

The Florida Republican Congressman put out a release today which is spot on in its analysis of the Libya situation and the fuzzy mission the president has committed our troops to…

“I am concerned that President Barack Obama has not provided a clear and defined mission for the United States involvement in Libya. From the very beginning, President Obama has had no clear direction for Libya.  The time to take military action should have been two weeks ago, at the onset of this situation, when the U.S. may have been able to remove Moammar Qadaffi from power.

This Obama administration has not defined the end state. Is it as a humanitarian issue to protect civilians or is the objective to ultimately remove Moammar Qadaffi from power? If it is to protect civilians, isn’t the ultimate way to protect the people of Libya  to remove Moammar Qadaffi? As a 22-year Army veteran, I can tell you that we cannot protect civilians or remove an oppressive leader from power from 30,000 feet in the air.

The United States must define who these “rebel” force leaders are and who is supporting their force with weapons, ammo, and resources.  Finally, we can’t ignore the financial cost this no-fly zone will have on America- specifically the cost of using tomahawk missiles with no clear target.

We have seen operations without a clear objective before; the Balkans, Somalia, Lebanon, and we got caught up in civil wars, with no clear understanding of how to stop them. We have now opened up a new combat front with no clear objective or end state. I call on President Obama to explain to the American people what is the final resolution to the United States involvement in Libya.”

UPDATE: And if you haven’t seen West’s impersonation of Harry Reid, it’s worth checking out…



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