Classic – Trump Stirs Up The Chickens On The View About Obama’s Birth Certificate

Would Trump make a good president? Probably not. Does Trump have a handle on the main issues of the day? No.

Is Trump desperately needed as a presidential candidate? Absolutely. If for no other reason than that he doesn’t give a rat’s butt and he’ll say what lots of people are thinking.

And on the birther thing, Trump nails it perfectly. Obama was probably born in Hawaii, Obama should show his birth certificate like all of us have to do for simple stuff like driver’s licenses and passports and there’s something on that birth certificate he doesn’t want us to see and that’s why he won’t show it and make the birther issue go away.

But let him throw that take out there, and watch the hens on The View set to clucking. Whoopi Goldberg in her burka (or whatever the hell she’s wearing) is so offended she’s about to drop some F-bombs. You can just tell.

This guy ought to run. He ought to run not because he’ll win or because he should win. He ought to run because he’d improve the honesty of the discourse by talking about things we should talk about. Not necessarily the birther thing, mind you – but lots of things the stuffed-shirt politicians won’t because their consultants and spin doctors would stroke out over.

That said, it must be Oompa-Loompa Day at Chez Trump. What’s up with that fake bake? Charlie Crist wants his epidermis back.



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