A Defense Of Western Civilization Against Islam (And Lindsey Graham)

If you haven’t seen this video, uploaded to YouTube last Sunday, you should really block out the time. It’s a vlog by a lady named Ann Barnhardt, a Colorado-based commodities broker who reacted to Sen. Lindsey Graham’s disgraceful assault on the 1st Amendment following Rev. Terry Jones’ decision to burn a Koran.

Barnhardt doesn’t pull any punches on Graham, or Islam. In Part 2 of the video, she burns a Koran just like Jones did. She lays out in Part 1 exactly why – she wants Graham to come after her, because, as she says, “the only way that ends is with you crying in the men’s room.” But her burning of the Koran isn’t wholesale like Jones’ was – she burns the pages of the Koran containing all the objectionable scriptures, after reading the offending passages.

It’s inspirational and entertaining. And it’s the best response to Graham’s stupid statements yet made. Smart, passionate and precisely correct. It proves Western Civilization isn’t dead. And it also demonstrates that Ms. Barnhardt is a woman who understands exactly what Islam is and what it does to the cultures it predominates in. It’s unfortunate that every woman in Western Civilization isn’t just as disgusted and reviled by the Koran as she is, but maybe that will change.


Part 1:

And Part 2:



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