Palin Lets ‘Em Have It In Wisconsin

The conventional wisdom lately has been that Sarah Palin isn’t going to run for president. And that still might be true – Palin has found a groove as a rainmaker in fundraising and a draw in support of GOP candidates, and if she doesn’t run she’s probably in a position to be a kingmaker as well. Whichever candidate Palin does endorse, if she doesn’t run, will be the likely bet to win the nomination.

But after a speech in some lousy conditions at a Tea Party rally, outside in the middle of a snowstorm with a crowd of public employee union activists in the background attempting to disrupt her speech, Palin gave one of the best stump speeches of the 2012 cycle. She might come off as a bit shrill, but no GOP figure associated with the 2012 race is better at indicting the Left than Palin is.



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