So The Little Rat Wants To Play, Huh?

Fine. We’ll do it.

Sure, he’s got a nice collection of stupid human tricks. Whatever.

I present three items, all from the animal kingdom…

Let’s start with something simple…

Oh, and I’ll digress a little. Because while we’re on the subject of dogs this one’s got to be the ugliest of all time.

And now, for something just a little more complicated (stick with this one to the end; it’s not that long)…

And finally – how about a dog with a baby orangutan?

Oh, wait. Here’s a bonus – what does a big, bad-ass alligator do with a watermelon? No need to ask Troy or Junior…

On a serious note, thanks to the folks for the big day yesterday. As Oscar mentioned, we’ve upgraded the server and the site’s performance ought to be noticeably better in the future.



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