So This Is Obama’s Re-Elect Kickoff Video…

…it seems to me it’s pretty underwhelming.

Watch it for yourself first…

It doesn’t look like there’s a lot of magic left over from 2008 in this video. They went out and found a bunch of Democrat operatives and got them to talk about how it’s gonna be hard work getting Obama re-elected. And those operatives, other than the floppy-haired college kid, didn’t particularly look like they expected to have fun doing it.

No Obama. No soaring rhetoric, no receding oceans, no mindless Nuremberg chants, none of it.

In other words, they’ve fallen back down to earth. Their guy isn’t the savior. You get the impression this won’t be an uplifting campaign; instead it’s going to be a scorched-earth deal aimed at demonizing whomever comes out of  the GOP primary.

Happy warriors can beat this crew. That seems apparent based on this. Of course, the mopes in Obama’s camp will have a billion dollars to spend, so they’ll need to be rich well-heeled happy warriors.

But Obama’s numbers stink. Rasmussen has his approval index at minus-14 (26 strong approval, 40 strong disapproval), with an overall approval below water at 48-51. In the middle of his fighting a war he just started in Libya, his national security rating is all of 37 percent up.

And that begs the question – where’s his upside? Unemployment got a little better at 8.8 percent last week, but that official number was at odds with the Gallup survey that had it above 10 percent – and Gallup had underemployment still above 20 percent. Everybody sees inflation coming on like gangbusters, there is no indication Obama is going to help himself on the budget and he’s on the wrong side of all the hot-button issues out there. Now he’s got Libya, which Obama himself refers to as a “turd sandwich,” and Afghanistan is a mess the country wants out of – and Obama has increased our presence there rather than either getting out or at least keeping it as a low-temperature conflict. Oil is going through the roof – $108 a barrel today – as the Middle East burns, our policy in Syria is an enormous blown opportunity to get rid of an enemy regime and our friends all over the world are left scratching their heads about what kind of president we have.

Given all of that, griping about what Bush left him and accusing his critics of racism – in other words, the strategy which earned him an ass-kicking in the midterms – isn’t gonna cut it. He’s got to actually show leadership in doing something the American people (as opposed to Richard Trumka and Andy Stern) want done, and most of the way through his term he has yet to come close.

So a video with a few lefty drones showing steely resolve in support of The One isn’t much of a start. You’d expect them to show a lot more sizzle to sell a steak this bad.



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