Speaking Of Fundraising Letters…

…here’s one the Louisiana Democrat Party is circulating right now.

Dear ,

It’s easy to get lost in the statistics and jargon of budget battles raging right now in Washington and Baton Rouge.

The fight over how to best fund government isn’t about numbers or economic theories – it’s about values, plain and simple.

In Washington, Republicans want to starve our schools, go back on promises we’ve made to our seniors and deprive our nation of the tools we need to win the future.

The war on middle class families is getting red hot here in Louisiana. Gov. Bobby Jindal and the Republican legislature plan to push higher education out of the reach of Louisiana families, slash health care funding for the least among us, sell off valuable state assets while privatizing the rest… and the list goes on and on.

I know a thing or two about tough fights and when I think about the effort it will take to stop Bobby Jindal’s destructive agenda, I’m glad Louisiana Democrats are looking out for everyday Louisianians.

In one week, the Louisiana legislature will come into session to debate next year’s budget. Please help me make sure Louisiana Democrats have the resources to stand up to Bobby Jindal by contributing $20, $50 or even $100 right now.

Louisiana Democrats are fighting every day to to make sure government works for the people, not the powerful.

The simple truth is that if Louisiana Democrats don’t look out for middle-class Louisiana families, they will get steamrolled by Bobby Jindal and the Republican legislature’s agenda to balance the budget on the backs of those who can least afford it.

Louisiana Democrats are fighting as hard as we can, but we need your help. A contribution of $20, $50 or $200 right now will help Louisiana Democrats shine the light of truth on Bobby Jindal’s radical agenda.

My heart will always be in Louisiana. We’ve been through so much together in recent years, but what Bobby Jindal and the Republican legislature are trying to do will hurt us worse than any storm or oil spill ever could.


Donna Brazile

P.S. You can click here to contribute $20 or $50 online, or mail your contributions to Louisiana Democrats at P.O. Box 4385, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821. Your help could make all the difference in the world.

Donna Brazile

It’s pretty hilarious stuff.

Jindal, whose primary characteristic as governor is an aversion to controversy on issues of significance, is worse than Hurricane Katrina. Brazile apparently isn’t all that connected to her childhood home, by the way; if she was she’d know that Katrina, and the performance of her Democrat pals Kathleen Blanco and Ray Nagin in response to it, signaled the end of the Democrat Party as a viable entity in Louisiana from a statewide standpoint. Generally speaking you wouldn’t want to reference the hurricane in such a regard if you’re a Democrat, unless the idea is to indicate that Jindal will do more damage to Louisiana Democrats than Katrina did (and that would be giving the governor ENTIRELY too much credit).

But maybe that IS the idea, because Brazile references the oil spill – another example of Democrat incompetence in the response, and one which has made Democrats all but extinct in statewide politics. When Norby Chabert, of all people, switches to Republican and tells people the Obama drilling moratorium is the sole reason, Deepwater Horizon has to be seen as pretty much a cataclysm for the state’s Dems.

And by the way – if Brazile and her friends are such big advocates for the middle class, how come they can’t get any of them to vote Democrat anymore?

Jindal isn’t strong enough to destroy their party on his own. They’ve had to help him. Breathless and stupid rhetoric like this doesn’t particularly bring the Democrats back from the brink.



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