Fresh, Clean Eyes

Our political beauty contest, the manner we choose to follow when selecting political candidates for the highest office in the land, is stupid. It’s recessive instead of progressive. We accept it to avoid stepping out of our comfort zones.

We’re accustomed to a certain type of deportment from our candidates. They’re smooth, with polished manners and slick of presentations. They’re adaptive. They once used prepared, packaged speech presentations recorded on 3×5 cards to prod their memories. This was so they’d not forget the words their puppet-masters required them to pass along. They’ve technologically advanced to Teleprompters offering a spectral element of words floating in the air carrying the same weight as their campaign promises.

The first element the media searches out is the candidate’s available money and places a premium on the size of the War Chest. It’s as though the audience is expected to fall at the feet of the candidate, enraptured by the cut and expense of their clothing, the propriety of their manners and the power available to their campaign. Each candidate of this sort is a redundancy; a repetitive copy of the one came before him or her. They’re the prettily packaged product the puppet masters tell us we want as our “Fearless Leader.”

In the element of afterthought it’s apparent we need to start recognizing just what’s happening here. The major political parties have abdicated the role of director and ideology coach to the contracted like of “Mad Men”, Madison Avenue slugs with consciences constrained only by the boundaries set by the number of digits left of the decimal point. There’s no loyalty to the product or the consumer being enticed to buy the less than total package. It’s all a matter of presentation and what keeps the public in their comfort zone.

We’ve always been taught to accept and consume all of what’s been placed on our plate. Our parental element (the political parties) would never feed us something not good for us would they? It has to be remembered that these are the same people brought us Vietnam, Richard Nixon, Watergate, “Irangate” and a plethora of other intriguing political missteps.

Our political season is similar in some ways to a Tsunami. It slowly builds organized power beneath the apparent calm of the surface until it stumbles to shore mounting an unstoppable persuasiveness wiping out all that stands in its path. We’ve got little people walking around, looking for the brightest seashells on the beach, oblivious to the dangers mounting mere moments from their discovery. Then when the waves hit there’s so much power directed in so many directions at once there’s no way to stay afloat for all of the tempestuous activity sweeping across the area. For this lack of understanding we lose track of what’s important and needing clarification.

A respected member of the community said once we need to get to the left of the problem in order to control it. Think of life as zero to infinity to both the right of the zero. One direction shows progression, the other regression. When life’s a positive progression toward the right, (and to the left is a sense of regression), you must be ready for the chaos to come. To the left of the chaos means you’re ready for anything that happens. To the right of the problem means you’re playing “catch-up” after the event.

If you look at history very seldom does the political animal step off of zero. It’s like they orbit the point aimlessly. Political policies change little over time. The rhetoric is standardized and the messages are stale except for the bird parroting their masters’ ideologies. Democrats move left, Republicans move to the right and the American public gets neck pain form swiveling around to keep from getting hit by more lies.
For the solution to our problems we need to see more Integrity, Intelligence and Ingenuity displayed than repetition of failed policies, redundant ideological statements and recessive attitudes leading us blindly toward the corpses of our past failures.

We need to see things with fresh, clear eyes.

Thanks for listening.



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