Herman Cain In New Hampshire

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Cain ought to be a first-tier candidate. And the more debates and forums there are for the GOP field in 2012, the more likely he is to climb up to first-tier status.

None of the other Republican hopefuls for 2012 show off as much grit or personality in speaking as Cain does. None have offered as many specific, dramatic and majoritarian policy proposals as he has. And outside of Sarah Palin, who I don’t think is running, none have as interesting a personal story to tell as Cain does.

Donald Trump has picked up a lot of support, largely because people like the idea of a no-nonsense businessman who isn’t bound by all the political consultants and pollsters telling him what to do. But Trump’s history indicates he’s no conservative. In fact, it’s basically an insult to conservatives when he says he is one. He could say he’s a convert to the cause, and people might believe that.

Cain is a successful entrepreneur just like Trump, though he’s not worth $7 billion like Trump is. Unlike Trump, though, Cain has never donated to Chuck Schumer or Rahm Emanuel. His record indicates he’s never been a lefty Democrat and he’s never been confused about what side he’s on. Cain has what the Trump folks are looking for without all the baggage Trump brings to the table.

He deserves a very long look from those GOP voters who haven’t gotten their arms around a candidate yet. Cain is a lot more compelling candidate than the Trumps, Huckabees and Romneys of the world. Whether he’s the best horse in the race is yet to be seen, but he isn’t going away.

Anyway, this speech came on Friday at an Americans For Prosperity event in New Hampshire…



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