Hey Menendez – If The Shoe Fits…

If you’d like to see some video of shameless attention-whoring in Washington to start your weekend, you’ve come to the right place. That’s because we’ve got a special treat today courtesy of yesterday’s inquisition by the Senate Democrats against Medium Oil (they call the large oil companies in America Big Oil, but that’s simply a lie when one measures the size of the reserves under control – which is another article entirely).

It seems that ConocoPhillips put out a press release this week entitled “ConocoPhillips Highlights Solid Results and Raises Concerns Over Un-American Tax Proposals at Annual Meeting of Shareholders.” And our new favorite Democrat microphone-fellator Bob Menendez, who is leading the lefty lynch mob with a monstrously-stupid attempt to eliminate tax incentives aimed at encouraging domestic drilling, immediately made the leap to say that means he’s un-American…

James Mulva, ConocoPhillips’ CEO, clearly isn’t going to give Menendez the time of day, and he shouldn’t. This business of somebody having to get raked over the coals twice a year by crooked left-wing politicians for the crime of having risen to top management in a company providing an absolutely vital product to the American marketplace has to be grating.

I would have liked to have seen Mulva tell Menendez “Tell you what, Bob. You’re not getting an apology; in fact, I want an apology from you. Given what appears to be your history of taking donations from slimeball money launderers and intervening with the Fed to help your cronies at failing, rent-seeking banks with my tax dollars I don’t see where you have the right to accuse us of wrongdoing and try to steal money from our stockholders. And your tax proposals are entirely un-American; our press people had that exactly right. So no, I’m not going to apologize. Do your worst; you don’t have the votes to give teeth to this crappy hearing in the first place.”



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