Jon Bel Edwards Wants To Deny Republicans The Right To Vote

Hey, that’s a fair statement – isn’t it?

Judge for yourself.

The Baton Rouge Business Report has a snippet from John Maginnis in its Daily Report this morning…

Leaders of the Louisiana Democratic Party are questioning the expense of the state’s holding the presidential preferential primary next year. “I think we ought to consider not having one,” says Rep. John Bel Edwards, D-Amite, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, citing the cost of $5.57 million and the state’s gaping budget deficit. But with a wide-open Republican field, Republican state Chairman Roger Villere says, “We want to be fiscally responsible, but we want the ability to vote.” The election cost is budgeted but its date is subject to change. HB 509 by Rep. Nita Hutter, R-Chalmette, will be heard in committee next week to push back the party primaries from Feb. 18 to March 10 to comply with national party rules.

Edwards, of course is a fiscal hawk of monumental proportions with a reputation for proposing outrageous, draconian budget cuts at every opportunity.

Well, not really. There are a few worse Democrats out there on fiscal issues, but Edwards is usually available to speak against any measure which would reduce the size of government.

But he thinks he can save $5.57 million – by denying Louisiana Republican voters an opportunity to pick a challenger to Barack Obama next year.

It’s so insulting, so outrageous that we’re literally speechless. Our readers know how difficult a task this is. If we weren’t so blown away by Edwards’ thuggish arrogance we’d make a crack about how Louisiana Democrats have decided they don’t like elections anymore and who could blame them. But at this point even that doesn’t seem remotely sufficient.

Will no one rid us of this turbulent jackass? We hereby endorse his opponent in the fall, regardless of whom he, she or it might be.



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