Limbaugh On Obama’s Israel Speech

I was going to do one of those line-by-line deconstructions of Obama’s speech on Israel today like I’ve done in the past, and I got a few paragraphs into it before I trashed it.

At the end of the day, Obama simply doesn’t bring that much to the table. What comes out of his mouth is pure bullshit. And when it comes to Israel, it’s worse than that. And the whole thing is just too depressing to spend two hours cobbling together a post going line-by-line explaining why it’s bullshit.

So rather than that, I found this. It’s Limbaugh’s take on Obama’s speech. I think he’s got most of this right. Obama trashed Israel’s negotiating position, he validated the Arab Spring as a vehicle against Israel and he virtually guaranteed more Israelis will be killed. And in the meantime he further insulted and assaulted Benjamin Netanyahu in an effort to get him voted out of power – which of course is a totally counterproductive endeavor because the effect of that will be to unite the Israelis against Obama.

The next president – and there had better be a next president in January 2013 – is going to have to do an enormous amount of damage control with the Israelis. Things are going to get VERY dicey there in the next two years, and they will blame Obama for it.

Anyway, here’s Rush.



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