Yes, if you wear this you’re gay.

Flaming, obnoxiously gay. So gay that gay guys look at you and go ” Wow, you’re really gay.”

But this is what passes for a new fashion trend now. Karl Lagerfeld is putting his boyfriends/models in what they’re calling male urban turbans, or murbans.

Somehow I can’t see it catching on, but if Karl Lagerfeld has his way, stylish men the world over will be swapping their trilbies for, er, turbans.

Because at his recent Chanel cruisewear show, Lagerfeld sent his muse, Baptiste Giabiconi, striding down the catwalk in the sort of headgear normally only seen on Sikh men.

Perhaps it shouldn’t have been a surprise. After all, the ‘urban turban’ was touted as the ultimate headgear for women this year.

But given that when most celebrities tried it they just looked like they’d forgotten to take the towel off their head after getting out of the shower, it’s not been widely adopted.

One has to hope the same will be true of the male fashion turban (the murban, perhaps?) because while Baptiste may have looked like an exotic Arabic prince, I have a horrible feeling if Joe Bloggs decided to give it a whirl, it wouldn’t hold the same appeal.

You know that caricature of the British man on the beach with a hanky tied at each corner perched on his head? Yes, that. Which doesn’t exactly scream  ‘style’.

The comments under that Daily Mail article are classic…

  • Never in a MILLION years would my husband allow anything even remotely like that turban to be placed on his head. I’m laughing just thinking about it.

– Momof4, North Carolina, USA, 23/5/2011

  • It certainly won’t catch on with THAT turban! That looks like something you’d see Joan Crawford wear in the film, The Women. No man would wear that, not unless he’s trying to seduce another woman’s husband. Then all bets are off.

– Just my thought, USA, 23/5/2011 7:17

  • Never gonna happen.

– Ian, Tennessee, USA, 23/5/2011 6:45

  • LOL, dude’s half way to Carmen Miranda!

– Pond Hopper, in LA, 23/5/2011 10:28

  • Looks like a drag queen before the makeup.

– LeAnne, Suisun, CA, USA, 23/5/2011 9:18

But there’s always the douchebag…

  • I think its good to incorporate various cultural influences into our society be it fashion or music or what have you. Its also good to challenge what people view as ‘acceptable’ or what is ‘cool’ or not, particularly fashion-wise (I don’t include nudity or profanity in that of course). I like the idea, I just don’t like the piece that is being pictured, its rather plain for me and I dislike the metal embellishment, maybe if it were just a round or oval piece it would be better… Also, how are turbans ‘effeminate?’ Surely you realize both sexes in various cultures wear turbans….? It doesn’t matter anyway. Gender boundaries are soooooo 1600s.

– korynn, rhode island USA, 23/5/2011 12:16

As for us fur-bearing rodents in Barataria, we don’t wear turbans. But a coonskin cap is a different animal altogether. My uncle T-Lou has one that looks just like Trump’s do.

But that’s another story.



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