No Osama Photo Release, Sez Obama

Fox News just reported it.

Leon Panetta has been advocating for releasing the photos. Hillary Clinton has said no.

It appears Obama sided with Clinton over Panetta. But they don’t appear to have any of this stuff straight, so this decision could be reversed. Or – and this wouldn’t be a surprise at all – the photos might well leak out.

Is it just me, or has this administration screwed up absolutely everything since the Bin Laden takedown? Maybe it’s me. But the story of how the hit went down was completely botched by John Brennan and Jay Carney yesterday, Panetta admitted that waterboarding led to the Bin Laden takedown, which more or less discredited Brennan and made him look – yet again – like a doofus while lending credence to Don Rumsfeld, they set up a victory lap at Ground Zero tomorrow that Bush (and probably Giuliani) won’t go to and as such it’s going to look like a partisan campaign rally and they left the wife they shot in the leg in Pakistan where she will be a propaganda tool for the jihadists and tell whatever fish stories they want her to.

Now, no dead Osama photos. Which means conspiracy stories will go disco biscuits. And it also means even though we went into Pakistan and whacked that bastard, we still come off like solicitous dhimmis in front of the Islamist crowd.

The whole thing just looks like a cockup. Mishandled more or less across the board.



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