Red Light Cameras

Red Light Cameras are a direct violation against the rights of the citizens of Louisiana and evidence shows that Red Light Cameras are being used to generate funds and not to promote safety as claimed.

The state of Louisiana, as well as municipalities throughout the state, continue to seek avenues to fund their out-of-control spending rather than make necessary cuts and Red Light Cameras are merely an underhanded means to transfer wealth from the private to the public sector.

Studies have shown that the use of Red Light Cameras increases accidents, contradicting the claims made by the state for their use and causing further injury to Louisiana citizens.

HB 347–a bill that requires local government entities to have the people vote on red light cameras before using them–has been introduced in the House. This bill does not go far enough. While it is true that the city you live in may vote against them, the city you work in and/or your parish may not, still leaving you vulnerable to the violation of your Constitutional rights.

I urge everyone to support a full ban the use of Red Light Cameras, and to discontinue pursuit of compromise legislation.

Christopher J. Gary

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