The Long, Hard Story Of How Anthony’s Weiner Made It Onto The Internet

This is a clip from Greg Gutfeld’s Red Eye show on Fox News a couple of nights ago, in which Anthony Cumia from the Opie and Anthony Show describes what happened which led to the infamous picture of Anthony Weiner’s hairless tallywhacker poking out from Andrew Breitbart’s iPhone to a, er, much broader audience.

Breitbart said he thought he was just showing the hosts proof that he had the goods on Weiner and wasn’t trying to break a story. He didn’t realize he was about to have the most famous iPhone in the country, but there were cameras in hand pecking away at the scene. And while Breitbart has let on that he feels a little violated by the invasion of his privacy the members of the show’s cast perpetrated on him – surely he’s been used as a publicity tool – one gets the impression this was really more consensual than he’s let on.

In a penetrating interview, Cumia says he regrets the calamity which has ensued. Wait – no, he doesn’t.



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