The Progressive Apex Hunters

Sociology defines the social evolution theory as having underlying forces in societies like the natural laws governing animal and plant communities. Therefore one can formulate social laws similar to natural ones. These social forces progress through the natural conflicts between social groups. The best-adapted and most successful social groups survive these conflicts, raising the evolutionary level of society generally (‘survival of the fittest’).” This is Social Darwinism.

Interestingly it’s been noted there’s a great effort in the human/pet relationship where the human finds it advisable to spay and neuter the pet. This controls the pet population and assures the continuation of the human/pet relationship. The animal remains subservient to its human master. In the case of Social Darwinism there’s a corollary. It’s called the Progressive Political Movement

This is where proponents of progressive political agendas stress the need to assure “equality” of the masses. They seek to assure by law, command, edict and regulation all people will have an equal opportunity to match the position others hold in society. Nowhere is it mentioned these same people being “allowed” to be equal are expected to exceed their beneficent and loving sponsors through hard work.

Progressive Political Endeavor’s scheme is to allow ascendancy in society matching all of the lower classes by redistributing wealth, holdings and finances. The sponsors of such action are removed from competition with or against those they seek to “elevate”.
The status of the wealthy progressive remains intact by neutering the drive of the lower classes. If the progressives can keep the lower classes’ attention focused on the goals fed them as being their own, then the lower classes don’t see how much further they can rise based on their own drive and ambition.

Look at it this way.

Progressives start by pointing out how unfair the system is. It works against the “little guy”; it works against the “middle class”, it works against YOU. While driving this into the thought process, the progressive politician starts telling you how “you deserve a bigger piece of the pie” and it’s always the other guy’s pie. They tell you how some other strata of society are responsible for your dwelling in a neighborhood/house or apartment/hovel that’s nowhere as palatial as the other guy displaying his wealth by living in a manner nowhere near yours. Now they tell you how unfair that is.

But: have you ever noticed the guy telling you how bad you have it lives in and distracts you from seeing his wealth and his standard of living in no manner approximating yours? They don’t tell you how unfair that is. They make you look at the other guy.

These people are Labor Union Leaders. They’re Progressive Politicians. They’re Community Organizers looking to convince you the wealthy are the enemy while all along they themselves are living at a higher economic plane.

These people aren’t doing this because they’re altruistic, unselfish, humane, selfless, or philanthropic. They’re in it to assure they maintain their Apex Hunter status by setting the boundaries of YOUR growth as an individual. They don’t seek to assure you grow as an individual. They seek to lower the productivity and accumulated rewards of those having earned more. This assures they have NO COMPETITION because while they allow some growth, they specifically limit the progress of the participants they allege to assist.

Nowhere do they stress you should work hard-harder-hardest to prove yourself the best. They assume the role of assayer of the trust, but instead of determining the strength of the trust they diminish the overall value. They balance the scales by taking from those with more to allow those NOT trying hard- harder-hardest to gain more. They reward people for doing no more than breathing the same air. They want to balance accounts based on no more than getting people in queue allowing them to get something for nothing.

Kind of sneaky don’t you think? They get you believing they’re working for your benefit while all the while strengthening the fences keeping you at a lower rung of the ladder. With friends like this who needs enemies?

Thanks for listening.



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