This Weiner’s Going Down

Oh, my.

Newsmax has the goods on something that’s gonna deep-six your boy Weiner. He’s done. Kaput. Busted. Totaled. Wrecked.

In what could be the final straw for Rep. Anthony Weiner’s political career, new embarrassing photos are surfacing — including one showing Weiner dressed in women’s clothing.

The photos, said to have been taken when Weiner was a college student, show him dressed as a woman in a black bra, panties and leotards.

The explicit photos are expected to touch off a bidding war involving a number of media outlets.

“These new photos make Weiner’s current scandal even more disturbing,” said one industry source.

The fresh photos come as the New York Democrat is reeling from the disclosure that he sent a raunchy photo of himself in his underwear to a 21-year-old college student. Weiner now has acknowledged exchanging messages and photos ranging from sexually suggestive to explicit with several women online.

Several prominent Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the national party head, have called on Weiner to step down.

Weiner announced Saturday that he was entering professional treatment at an undisclosed location and wanted a leave of absence from Congress.

Another New York congressman, Republican Rep. Christopher Lee, resigned in February after sending a shirtless photo of himself in answer to a woman’s Craigslist ad.

This cat isn’t just in drag. He’s in ladies’ underpants. Those pics will be EVERYWHERE. And that includes here the minute they go public.


We will dine out for months on this.

Do I want Weiner to resign? Nope. If I ever did, I apologize. I want this freak in Congress fa’ EVAH.

He’ll single-handedly keep Photoshop in business.



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