Wouldn’t You Like To Know The Whole Story About This One?

I’ll just flat-out steal this, because I don’t know what else to do with it.

Teens accused of attack over poop

HOUMA — Two 13-year-olds were arrested Wednesday afternoon for attacking a lawn-care worker during an argument over dog poop, Houma Police said.

The confrontation took place outside a Barrow Street home and started when one boy threatened the worker with a sledgehammer, police said.

The worker grabbed that boy in a choke hold, but the other boy grabbed the hammer and hit the man in the head with it, police said.

The worker refused medical treatment. The arrested teens have since been released to their parents’ custody.

I’m gonna say they weren’t fighting over who gets to keep the canine excrement. I’m gonna say the kids were chunking turds at the guy while he was trying to do his job. Or maybe he was grousing at ’em because the family pooch was taking a dump and they weren’t pooper-scoopin’.

OK, I’ll stop.

Let’s just say dog crap really isn’t something you want to get arrested over. We can all agree on that one, right?



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