Birds Will Sing, And The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow

The Debt Ceiling controversy drones onward toward its natural conclusion. The President and Congress will reach accord (?), disaster will be avoided and the American Economic future will chug forward toward the next time the administration (meaning the President and the Congress) decide we need some more drama to enliven our already miserable existences.

Our “leaders” are piloting this ship of state toward the shoals of economic dissolution and we’re in serious theoretical peril of crashing fiscally and suffering an international loss of “full faith and trust” in the American economic system. People believe there’s real peril. They fear the American Dream’s collapse. They fear death, dismemberment (actual and figurative) and the possibility there’ll be no more ice cream or popsicles.

The fact is none of it’s true.

The Sun will shine. Birds will still sing. Bambi and his brethren will still frolic and cavort. And, politicians will still lie under that same Sun with the same political sunscreen they’ve used to prevent getting burned after all these years. Life will go on as always.

Nothing changes because you and I don’t change it. We elect the same corrupt, larcenous, incompetent and self-serving criminals over and over again until their sense of entitlement is all encompassing and self-enforcing because they control the legal and legislative systems.

Recently I discovered a history lesson that intrigued me. There was danger of war with France in 1798. A Federalist Congress passed laws strengthening the government. They were the Alien and Sedition Acts. The Federalists also wanted to quell political opposition.

Congress enacted the Naturalization Act on June 18, 1798. The act required aliens maintain residency for 14 years to become eligible for U.S. citizenship. Violation allowed for deportation of aliens deemed dangerous to America’s safety during times of peace.

The last of the laws, the Sedition Act, was interesting in its depth and intent. It declared any treasonable activity, including the publication of “any false, scandalous and malicious writing,” was a high misdemeanor, punishable by fine and imprisonment. This basically sought control of any and all commentary and efforts to direct the government by parties outside of the party in power. This was evidenced by the arrest of a newspaper editor who published allegedly “libelous” statements against President John Adams. Protests followed and led to the challenge of these laws as being unconstitutional. The laws were withdrawn and the editor was exonerated.

This was the first clear and obvious attempt by Congress to ensure the betterment of one, and only one, party over another. Additionally it showed John Adams’ hypocrisy. Where the Declaration of Independence stated governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” Adams and his cronies felt themselves above and beyond and therefore better equipped to rule over the people much as George III of England did at the outset of the American Revolution.

We think ourselves in a new world, with new problems needing new solutions. It’s not so. Today’s problems are no different from those of 1789. We call our government Congress. England had Parliament. They complained of their lack of representation concerning issues affecting Americans disenfranchised from England’s government. We complain of Congress’ lack of representation by virtue of their actions to best benefit the goals and wishes of the parties in power. The people have NO say in the matter. A specific class of New World Order Rulers commands the political field. Large amounts of money determine who may enter the field. With money they stay in power. Presidents displaced Kings.

I mentioned John Adams’ hypocrisy. He felt George III worthy of contempt and thus needing independence from English rule and despotism; but he didn’t admit to his attempt to control the country by shackling his political opposition with the yoke of self-serving law, edict and political constraint by lying about the purpose of the acts under consideration. It wasn’t done for the safety of America, it was done to safely ensure the control of America by one party over another and thus over the entire population of America.

Now show me how any of this now differs from then.

Thanks for listening.



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