El Caudillo?

We’ve said this was the most lawless administration ever.

We’ve got lots of evidence to back that assertion up, but this is a short post.

There’s good news, though. Obama isn’t as lawless as he’d like to be. He was speaking today to the racist, anti-American Hispanic group La Raza, and he gave them a nice pander…

Why is this pandering? Well, maybe we’re wrong – but the La Raza folks are wedded to a distinct political tradition. That tradition distinctly favors a strong executive and a somewhat tenuous commitment to the rule of law. And when Obama gives ’em an “I’m with you fellers,” you’ll notice he gets a chorus of “Yes you can!” in response.

The La Raza people ate the stuff up. Obama managed to cover his rear by saying “that’s not how our democracy works,” but only after he spent most of that segment making it clear (or at least doing a nice job of snowing the crowd) that he’d be fine with drizzling all over the rule of law if he could.

Let’s hope he’s just pandering, at least. You could make an argument Obama was expressing exactly what his preferences are.



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