Does The Fast And Furious Scandal Go All The Way To The Top?

Sure seems like it based on this clip from March 2009…

It’s really not hyperbole to say this thing is bigger than Watergate. Nobody got killed in Watergate. And the potential motives behind this – namely, to deny Americans their constitutional right to bear arms – are just as nefarious as anything involved in Watergate.

If this were a Republican administration pulling such an awful stunt, the legacy media would be hammering away at it to beat the band. Instead it’s more of a low-grade simmering scandal that probably won’t really get hot until next year – and only then because of Darrell Issa’s committee going after the administration in the runup to the election. At that point the Beltway crowd will get involved so as to trash Issa for running a publicity campaign by way of attacking Obama.

All that said, we really can’t see enough heads rolling as a result of this. When the federal government essentially sells assault weapons to Mexican druglords, resulting in the death of at least one American law enforcement official and God knows how many Mexicans, for the possible purpose of “proving” the dangers of gun availability, it’s hard to adequately describe the magnitude of the abuse involved.

And based on the video above, it’s pretty difficult for Attorney General Eric Holder to deny he had anything to do with this case. Or the White House itself.



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