Fleming, Gohmert: Time To Open Up Those Debt-Ceiling Negotiations For Public Scrutiny

From a release out of Rep. John Fleming’s office today…

Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement today with Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) calling on Republican and Democrat leadership to open debt ceiling negotiations to the American public. Having an open and transparent process will ensure that nothing is kept secret from the American people on this critical issue which will determine our nation’s economic and national security for years to come.

“This debate has continued for months behind closed doors in the proverbial ‘smoke filled room’ at the White House with nothing to show for the effort. Republican and Democrat leadership must be honest with the American people on the debt ceiling negotiations. With Obamacare, we have seen the disastrous result of what happens when negotiations take place behind closed doors. There have been several meetings at the White House, including one today, and I still have NO idea of what I am being asked to vote on. I call on the leadership of both parties, in both chambers, to immediately open the debate for the public to observe. It is only fair that any debt ceiling proposal be made available to the American public and Members of Congress to review before its consideration in Congress. Doing so will protect the American people against a rushed deal that could leave the taxpayer on the hook for more debt and spending,” said Congressman Fleming.

Congressman Fleming added, “It is essential to the democratic process that the American people have the opportunity to be a part of these critical negotiations . With the Democrats pushing ‘revenue enhancements’ otherwise known as TAX HIKES to solve this debt crisis, Americans can’t afford to be kept out of this process. I’m committed to voting against any debt ceiling increase that doesn’t make immediate drastic cuts and prevent tax hikes.”

“We owe it to all Americans to conduct open and transparent debt ceiling negotiations. The U.S. Constitution begins with the phrase, ‘We the People.’ It is imperative that the people, who make this nation so great, are included in these critical negotiations between the Republican and Democratic leadership,” said Congressman Gohmert.

Congressman Gohmert added, “Real change can only occur by cutting out-of-control government spending, and I firmly believe that raising the debt limit will only dig America into a deeper, darker pit – one from which escaping may become impossible unless we have an amendment capping spending. The future of our nation is at stake. Americans tax dollars should not be poured in to ObamaCare and big government programs that were contrived in secret, behind closed doors with an administration that promised complete transparency.”

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is calling for a 7 day review period for any final legislative proposal regarding a deal on the debt ceiling.



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