Does It Feel Like 1979?

It does from this end.

And considering what’s going on in Syria, and how close to Iran in 1979 the weekend’s events came from an American perspective, well…

Protesters loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad briefly broke into the US embassy in Damascus on Monday and security guards used live ammunition to prevent them storming the French embassy, diplomats said.

No casualties were reported in the attacks but a US official said Washington condemned Syria’s slow response and its failure to the prevent the assault on its embassy.

Of course, in this case a well-intentioned but probably stupid action by our ambassador probably precipitated the attack…

The attacks followed a visit by the US and French ambassadors to the city of Hama last week in support of the hundreds of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators who have been gathering there despite attacks by Syrian forces.

“We are calling in the Syrian charge [d’affaires] to complain,” said the US official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“We feel they failed [in their responsibility to protect US diplomats]. We are going to condemn their slow response.”

At RedState, Moe Lane hit this one out of the park

Here is a free hint to all appointed members of the Obama administration: if Syrian ‘loyalists’ follow up today’s attack against the US Embassy in Damascus…by actually seizing the embassy? If that happens, start updating your resumes. And don’t bother with sending them along to Democratic House Members (and any Democratic Senator up for re-election in 2012): we’ll be throwing them out of office, too.

Fair warning.

The comparison isn’t an exact one, though it was elements of the newly-formed-at-the-time Iranian regime which sent those “students” in to invade the embassy in Tehran and the “protestors” in Damascus over the weekend were without doubt Assad’s catspaws responding to the Hama visit.

Still, we’re giving off the same signals of weakness to the same scumbag enemies, and those signals of weakness are almost always capitalized upon. If you work at the embassy in Damascus, you’ve got our prayers. And if you’ve got plans for the next year that don’t involve imprisonment at the hands of a jihadist mob, it might be time to hop a flight home.



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