Fleming On Obama: He’s A Complete Failure

Among the reactions to today’s jobs report – which was terrible, by the way, and we now have a 9.2 percent unemployment rate – was this, issued in a press release out of Rep. John Fleming’s office today:

Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement today after the release of the latest unemployment report showing that the unemployment rate grew to 9.2%. This coming after a failed $787 billion stimulus bill that President Obama promised would bring unemployment under 8% and the unconstitutional Obamacare law that Democrats promised would create jobs – BOTH of which failed to create jobs.

“Today’s unemployment report is sad news to the 20 million Americans who are out of work and further underscores the importance that we cannot spend our way to job creation. In fact, President Obama’s massive spending plans made this problem worse.  The facts speak for themselves:  Unemployment has been above 8 percent for 29 months in a row and new business creation is at its lowest level in 17 years. Because of the uncertainty created by the President’s policies, businesses would rather keep money on the sidelines than expand their workforces. As a small business owner who created over 500 jobs in Northwest Louisiana, I know how President Obama’s massive spending policies and massive new regulations are devastating businesses and job creators,” said Congressman Fleming.

Congressman Fleming added, “President Obama is a complete failure when it comes to job creation. Instead of attacking job creators, why doesn’t he embrace them? Republicans in the House passed nine job creation bills that Senate Democrats and Harry Reid deliberately refuse to bring to the Senate floor. This is unacceptable and the American people deserve better. Maybe President Obama should spend less time on the golf course and less time hosting concerts with the Hollywood Elite and actually get serious about putting Americans back to work.”

Fleming wasn’t alone. This was Rep. Jeff Landry’s take…

“Today’s report shows that only 18,000 jobs were created and unemployment remained above 8% for the 29th consecutive month. And today’s report is proof positive that increased government spending is not the answer and that we cannot raise the debt ceiling until Washington lives like American families do – with a balanced budget. While House Republicans have been working hard to create jobs, the President and Congressional Democrats continue to be the party of failed policies and high unemployment! Senate Democrats ignore the nine jobs bills passed in the House – including those putting the Gulf of Mexico back to work, restarting American offshore leasing, and ending the President’s offshore moratorium – that can improve our economy and help employ millions of our family, friends, and neighbors. Instead the Democrats propose tax increases and more government spending. The President and Congressional Democrats fail to understand that we need lower energy costs to save jobs and spur job creation and that we cannot tax, spend, borrow, and bailout our way to prosperity. I am committed to increasing domestic energy production and to lowering taxes, cutting spending, and removing the regulatory barriers on small businesses.”

And Rep. Steve Scalise’s…

“Today’s jobs figures are further proof that the radical policies and reckless spending by the Obama Administration has failed to get our economy back on track and is directly responsible for more lost jobs in America,” Scalise said.  “President Obama needs to finally recognize that doubling-down on his failed agenda of raising taxes, imposing radical regulations, and spending money we don’t have has been a dismal failure that has led to higher unemployment and debt.  It is time for President Obama and liberals in the Senate to embrace the multiple bills passed by House Republicans to create jobs, control spending, and get our economy back on track.”



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