The Muslim They Stopped From Pulling Off Ft. Hood, Part 2…

…is an individual named Naser Abdo.

He’s not exactly a nobody. He’s been in the news before. He put himself down as a conscientious objector last year rather than deploy with his unit out of Ft. Campbell to Afghanistan and sought a discharge. And he was a cause celebre of sorts when he did that.

Here was a CNN interview with him…

A month ago, the Secretary of the Army gave Abdo his CO status. Except there was a problem; they couldn’t exactly give him an honorable discharge seeing as though he had a government-issued computer full of kiddie porn. He said he was being persecuted.

Abdo wasn’t interested in waiting to see if things would shake out. He’d gone AWOL from Ft. Campbell around the 4th of July.

Fast forward to today, and Abdo was arrested on suspicion of plotting a redux of Nidal Hasan’s assault on Ft. Hood. From the sound of it he was extremely close to pulling the trigger, too.

Turns out this guy’s a real superstar. Not only did they find kiddie porn on his computer, he had guns, ammo and explosives lying around, plus he’d gotten hold of a uniform and some patches that he was attempting to put together as a disguise to get him on the base at Ft. Hood. And he had a ton of jihadist material as well – we’re going to speculate here, but it would be a surprise indeed if it wasn’t uncovered that this clown is pen pals with Anwar al-Awlaki, and it would be an even bigger surprise if whoever he’s been trafficking with hasn’t been in his head for quite some time; as in long before the Army gave him CO status.

This is a really bad day for Herman Cain to have apologized to the Muslims for having made “insensitive” statements about the threat they pose to us – only to have it come out that the Muslim activists he met with are part and parcel of the Muslim Brotherhood that he’d denounced not 10 days ago.

A really bad day. Devastating, in fact. I’m not going to weigh in on the Cain-ADAMS Center debacle, as we’ve got better folks on this site to handle that one. But the timing just couldn’t possibly be worse for a Republican candidate to be conciliating with these people while Abdo was trying to harvest our soldiers.

But as bad as this is for Cain, it’s a lot worse for the Obama administration – which now needs to answer for why this guy was allowed CO status when he obviously was an enemy within. At least the Pentagon and local law enforcement were able to pick him up before he went off.

Now it’s time to sweat this guy and make him give up every co-conspirator and jihadist influence he’s ever had.



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