A Line In The Quicksand

The “Super Committee” delegated the responsibility to decide how best to “save $1.5Trillion (or through recognized sacrifices of intellect, integrity and ingenuity as little as $1.2T) has been selected. DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!


This exercise in political chicanery is brought to you by the same people brought you the mess in the first place. We must put in context the stellar performance factor denoted by the Congress’ participation in anything remotely of importance to the average American.

Barack Obama suggested and the Speaker of the House suggested and the Senate Majority Leader suggested they all come together; hold hands, sing Kumbaya and all of our bad feelings (as well as bad Juju) will disappear. We should recognize the import of the Congress’ drive to assure we see them doing something, anything, appearing to be of importance to the average Joe. After all it’s time for the House members to campaign for their collective and individual employment and the Senate has to make sure the leadership of each party is equally well-represented by a the Confederacy of Dunces (my apologies to John Kennedy Toole for referencing his immortal characters with this group of nitwits).

It’s to the politicos’ credit they managed to secure a vacation before assuming the responsibility of working toward a climactic stalemate to be developed along partisan political lines. The ideologies will flex, swell, dissipate and contract along with the injection of bloviated hot air these people are noted for.

Somebody right now is saying: how can you say that? They’re at least trying to find a way to cut the deficit and decrease the national debt.

Yeah, right.

The committee is designed to fail. It has an automatic, irreversible grid-lock built into it, unless one member of either party is willing to commit political seppuku (hara-kiri) and go contrary to party leadership. There is NO tie-breaker. And for that I thank my Higher Power whom I choose to call – “Smarts”. Because if Barack Obama was chosen as tie-breaker, we know which way the tax rates would go. And if John Boehner were chosen we have NO idea what deal would be brokered or what principle would be compromised in favor of him not going on another crying jag.

Case in point: John Boehner appointed: “proven leaders who have earned the trust and confidence of their colleagues and constituents.” Really John? You checked with everybody’s constituencies and got a consensus on your choices? You’ve been busy. That’s a lot of phone calls. Maybe your colleagues faced off against candidates even dumber than they are.

The Democratic Senatorial choices were: Patty Murray (D-Wash), Max Baucus (D-MT) and John Kerry (D-MA) Definitely three liberal ideologues cemented to the party line so tightly when the smile the surface cracks show the depths of their commitment to “social reforms” (read that as Nanny Statism).

Nancy Pelosi chose: James Clyburn (SC),  Xavier Becerra (CA) and Chris Van Hollen (MD). They’ve all been instructed by comrade Nancy that “entitlement reform” is unacceptable. (CBS News.com 8-11-2011)

John Boehner selected: Jeb Hensarling (R-TX),  Dave Camp (R-MI) and Fred Upton (R-MI). Eric Cantor (VA) has already claimed obeisance to the no-new-revenue pledge he signed. In Congress, what the House Majority Leader says carries as much weight as anybody so it’s to be expected the GOP selectees have their equivalency of Pelosian autonomy in their votes – darned little.

Mitch McConnell, star of Switch-Back Mountain, a performance noted for the ability to play politics of an exceptional delicacy when negotiating America’s economic standing in the world market, chose: John Kyl (AZ), Pat Toomey (PA) and Rob Portman (OH).

In retrospect I have to admit it’s a pretty good cross-section and balanced band of political operatives, provocateurs and manure spreaders from both sides of the tracks. You know what to expect, the only joy will be derived when the “football pools” are decided by WHEN they fold and the decision concerning budget cuts is made by default thus allowing each side to blame the other for the failure.

They’ve drawn a line in the quicksand. I’m waiting to see who steps up first.

Thanks for listening.



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