A Little Dedication To My Man Jordan Jefferson…

Not sure what else to say since he’s got an arrest warrant out for him today.

The Baton Rouge Police didn’t even bother to interview the bouncer and the manager at that bar¬†where the fight was.

Stellar police work there. Just stellar.

Obviously they’ve got evidence which says Jordan’s dirty on this bar fight. That video that made the rounds shows a big tall dude kicking somebody who’s lying on his belly, and it could be Jordan. The bouncer says he never saw him fighting, though he also said he can’t say with certainty Jefferson didn’t do something. And if they’re arresting him obviously they didn’t cart off four dozen pairs of his shoes this week and found nothing.

Probably he did something. Definitely, he should have admitted whatever he did right from the get-go. The fact he didn’t means Les Miles can’t really go easy on him now – he’s got to do something, like an indefinite suspension or kicking him off the team.

Why? Because it looks like Jordan lied to Miles when he said he wasn’t involved. Don’t lie to your coach; it makes it worse.

Bad, bad bad.

This team coulda been a contender. Now, there’s no Jordan – which may not be all that turrible a deal; let’s face it, most of the time he stunk out the joint last year and Jarrett Lee basically won the Tennessee and Florida games for LSU – and yesterday the NCAA said Russell Shepard’s ineligible because he talked to a teammate about something the NCAA was investigating, which makes the NCAA a bunch of jackboot-wearin’, nanny-state boneheads from hell and they could use a guy in a Guy Fawkes mask to straighten ’em out.

The guy who runs the NCAA – didn’t he used to be LSU’s chancellor? Yep – I think he did.

Thanks a lot, Emmert. Cameron Newton and his paw are laughing all the way to the bank, the swells at Alabama are all happy as hell in their free swag from Men’s Wearhouse, they’ve got free weed at Oregon and Russell Shepard’s on ice because he has a social life.

Great job. Jackass. Don’t come back around here, city boy.

Looks like the Saints might be the best bet this fall. Thanks be to Jesus for Breesus.



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