Alleva’s Ruin Of LSU Sports Nearing Completion

We told you so.

Back in 2008 when the LSU (Louisiana State University) Board of Supervisors wired the hiring process to take the fatally damagedJoe Alleva off Duke University’s hands, we said it would not work, and that Alleva didn’t have the character needed to represent the state’s flagship university.

A year before we started this newsblog, we wrote a letter to every member of the board and copied every legislator in the state saying the hire was a colossal mistake.

I write to suggest that you disapprove his hiring at your April 25 meeting. He was intimately involved in the Duke Lacrosse Frame of two years ago and knew, or should have known, that three innocent men were about to be lynched. He did nothing to stand up for people he was responsible for.

To summarize, Joe Alleva was part of the group that framed innocent men. He was in a position of trust and authority, but did nothing to stop a lynch mob that was gaining speed. The mob almost succeeded.

Joe Alleva is not the type person Louisiana needs representing it or its flagship university. We’ve got enough of the type here already.

See here the letter.

The board approved the hire at their April, 2008 meeting, with two dissenting votes. See here the minutes of that meeting.

The chair of the search committee that recommended Alleva wasJack Weiss, Chancellor of LSU’s Paul M. Hebert Law Center.

Weiss was a classmate of Duke University President Richard Brodhead.

Both received their English degrees from Yale University in 1968. Reportedly, they were roommates.

See here their Curriculum Vitae

Richard H. Brodhead
Jack M. Weiss

It’s not too much of a stretch to suggest that perhaps Brodhead reached out to an old college chum and asked him to take a loser off his hands, and that’s how Alleva landed at LSU.

The very first hire Alleva made was men’s basketball coach Trent Johnson. It has been an unqualified disaster.

The last two season’s win/loss record were 11-21 and 11-20

LSU Baseball has also fallen upon hard times, at least as far as Southeastern Conference (SEC) play.

In 2011, there were 13 wins and 17 losses. For 2010 the stats were 14-16.

The latest catastrophe was a flash mob of football players out after curfew and involved in a bar brawl. Graybar hotel time for some may be the result.

See the news stories:

Report: LSU’s Jordan Jefferson, three teammates to face battery charges
BRPD to interview 4 players
LSU coach says players violated team rules
Is karma catching up to Tigers?
Lawyer for LSU players postpones meeting with police
Baton Rouge PD press release about LSU players
Tigers’ meeting with police on hold
LSU opening 2011 campaign with turmoil
Interviews postponed
LSU football players to meet with police Tuesday in bar fight investigation
Report: Four alleged victims intend to press charges
Witnesses tell TV Jefferson kicked man in head
Lawyer for LSU players gets meeting with police postponed

The character of an institution devolves from the leadership down. Alleva has no character and that was known before he was hired.

He’s got to go.



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