Infected Blankets

“I’m not afraid of anybody, this is a tough game.” “…And as far as I’m concerned, the ‘tea party’ can go straight to Hell.”

  – Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)

In this Obaman Age of Civility you must remember what this woman said. Politics is a contact sport and I can’t wait until somebody knocks this idiot on her narrow acetabulum and strips that nappy-headed hairpiece from the empty vault she calls a head. If Obama says this is acceptable, I’d hate to see what he considers hate-speech. And before he comes out with his tempered shrug he uses when explaining the First Amendment right to make a fool of one’s self, I’ll remind you, he and Maxine are old buddies in their Socialist Club o’ State.

Maxine Waters advertises herself as a champion of the poor and oppressed. But she’s followed a crooked path to the wealth she enjoys today. She knows Saul Alinsky’s tactics intimately.

Maxine’s a confirmed Socialist. It slipped out accidentally in a House Committee meeting. She’s thrown herself into the spotlights to showcase her next theatrical performance. She neglects to state, when she’s haranguing her audience with a furor of Goebbels-like intensity, that as she and her cronies are members of the same Congress she proclaims the Tea Parties are holding hostage, she’s played a big role in this tragedy.

Maxine’s a Democratic Party member; the stellar enclave of political dogma brought you the Ku Klux Klan (the post-1865 Militant army of the southern Democratic Party) and “Separate but Equal”. They also elevated the likes of George Wallace, Strom Thurmond and countless others masquerading as liberals to center stage in American politics.

Democrats always sought the downtrodden and “gave” public money (taxes) to uplift the poor. They elevated the “po’ folk” to positions beneath their own. But Democrats “gave” the “po’ folk” just enough so the “po’ folk” believed they got a new and better deal.

The Democratic Party reminds me of Lord Jeffrey Amherst and his colonial drive “to try every other method that can serve to extirpate this execrable race”, meaning the Native American population. One of his chosen methods was to “inoculate the Indians”; giving them Smallpox infected blankets to ethnically cleanse his region.

After the subjugation of Plains Indian Tribes, the Great White Father in Washington took away the conquered lands and “gave” the Indians reservations to live on. They “gave” them supplies (whenever they could remember to deliver them). They took the children away from their families and “gave” them education. They “gave” them blankets. They “gave” them a world they never wanted.

The modus operandi of the Democratic Party and idiots like Maxine is to “give” the people “infected blankets”. In their propaganda they explain welfare as a way to assure a “hand-up” from the poverty they suffer. They explain food stamps as an effort to “stem hunger”. They explain the “entitlement” is their right as citizens held down by “fat cats” and “corporate jet” plunderers of the American Dream, a dream the poor have been removed from for too long.

Bullspit Maxine! Bullspit Obama! It’s all lies and garbage rotting and seeping into the aquifer.

There are countless references and images of Indians starving as they waited for supplies to arrive at Reservation Stores; the same supplies the Post Suttlers (proprietors) sometimes stole before arrival. Or, they were never sent. But because the Indians weren’t allowed to hunt; they forgot how to subsist on their own. They lost their self-sufficiency. Their pride shriveled and wilted from lack of exercise. The expression of their religion was condemned. Faith and hope were lost.

Sound familiar?

Because of the propagandized largesse of a “caring government” many Indians died waiting for blankets infected with the government’s need to appear charitable when the real effort was to subjugate, enslave and absorb the conquered. This was occasionally done with native collaborators as was done to the Jews in Auschwitz. (Obama? Maxine? Are you listening?)

The “New American Downtrodden”:  Black, Asian, Hispanic, Inner City, Diminishing Value Suburbs and the Unemployed- Check your blankets.

If Maxine and Barry are handing them out it won’t be for YOUR benefit.

Thanks for listening.



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