Subsidized Taxidermy

Please note: The Sun has risen and shine brightly. Birds still sing, as always. Bambi and his brethren were frolicking and cavorting in the dew covered glades of Louisiana. And, politicians still lie like rugs under that same Sun. They are applying thicker layers of the political sunscreen they’ve used to prevent getting burned after all these years. But life goes on as always. (Just as it was said it would.)

But the Sun’s filtered through the pollution of political exaggeration. The birds sing asthmatically for the pall of Bullspit being laid down for purely partisan political purposes. Bambi’s dodging hunters looking for an off-season trophy. He found he’s in need of personal masculine enhancement because he’s got his nether regions caught in a trap. That’s not frolicking and cavorting; he’s trying to escape the trap of ideological stringency and narrow minded “group think” brings about all the problems troubling America.

Democrat John Kerry and the other micro-minds in Congress and the administration claim the Standard and Poor’s downgrade is a “Tea Party Downgrade”. The Tea Party should be flattered to have such an august assemblage target them as big enough, bad enough and powerful enough to thwart the combined houses of Congress and the administration.

But it’s not the Tea Party brought about the downgrade of America’s financial standard. It was a bi-partisan effort in the misconduct/mishandling of American economic policies by politically polarized political parties. They see no further than their latest press releases and sound-bytes to get people to look at them (individually and en masse) instead of the problem.

This is the regular program used when they have nothing else to fight. They attack the messenger while ignoring the message.

Note: Tea Party activists are in the MINORITY in both houses of the Congress. They DO NOT control the Presidency. The problem with the United States’ economic policy is decided by no other entity than the combined houses of Congress.

So; Mr. Kerry it’s suggested you grow a set and admit this problem is a product you’ve continually endorsed along party lines for the entire duration of your witless, pitifully ineffective incumbency in the Senate. The rule of thumb is to leave a place better off after you’ve left than when you arrived. In your case, Harry Reid’s, Nancy Pelosi’s and Mitch McConnell and John Boehner’s, that’ll be accomplished by your simple retreat from office.  Take John McCain with you when you go.

The Congress continually applies antiquated, outmoded, scientifically and theoretically challenged standards of economic and fiscal performance going back to the turn of the century. But, they’re buffed and polished regularly to appear serviceable and integrally sound. I know: nobody wants to hear about the Progressives believing they alone should govern because the majority (but it’s only a majority of the people who voted) elected them as Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt said. Not many want to remember John Maynard Keynes came up with an economic model that stripped economies of understandable standards to which monetary transactions could be understood by the people most affected by them-the public.

The issue must be studied at the collegiate level rather than in public schools where the majority of people end their formal education. Fewer people understand our quick-step march toward socialism when Franklin Roosevelt unilaterally stripped us from the gold-standard and place our economic futures and solvency in the hands of integrity challenged and possibly stupid people placed in control because a suspect vote tally went their way.

The economic/fiscal doctrines followed by American legislators are a tribute to the economic/fiscal tragedy we’re a party to now. These fools already mentioned and the political foundlings they nurture daily in committee meetings and blue-ribbon commissions put together by incompetent leaders, continue following “set-in-stone’ dogma. They accept no other thoughts because they don’t want to step outside their comfort zone. Therefore we hear the lock-step march of politico-droids moving toward a recognizable storm front on the horizon. This kind of thinking must be discarded as old, musty, cob-web clogged thinking. It’s the hundred year old moose head over the decaying mantel.

There are no provisions for subsidized taxidermy in Congress.

Thanks for listening.



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